Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hola from Pumapungo!

We started a fun Wednesday with a quiet morning at home, then walked into El Centro for a relaxing cloud-watching idyll at our favorite San Sebastian park - a very young boy was playing with the fountain spray and the pigeons were alternately nesting on the roof of the church and swooping down and back again.

We followed that with a delicious lunch at El Pedregal Azteca with new friends, Sparky and Linda, who've been in Ecuador 6 years. And guess how we met - we were out walking and just happened to bump into Sparky coming from the dentist, and we all introduced ourselves - voila - new friends!  Such wonderful serendipity!

See our TripAdvisor review on the El Pedregal Azteca restaurant - a little more expensive than the usual Cuenca almuerzo and well worth it!  

Afterwards we walked to one of our favorite panaderias on Huayna Capac for some great pan de chocolate, custard-filled pan, coconut/custard-filled pan and some with cheesy-goodness. Yummy!


We continued our walk to the Pumapungo Ruins, also one of our favorite places. We've enjoyed the museum before, so headed straight for the stairs down to the bird sanctuary, laguna and gardens. I feel like this is my own private and precious park sanctuary and so relish walking through, enjoying the cool breezes, the lovely shade, the rockery and many varieties of trees, plants and flowers throughout the gardens.

There's always something new! Today it was this purple flower!

We were treated by some beautiful macaws at the bird sanctuary - repeatedly telling us, "Hola!" This was a first - previously they'd simply squawked and cawed.  What a fun treat! You're going to love it!  Enjoy the "Hola from Pumapungo" video!

We didn't walk back home.  Instead, we walked a few blocks and hopped on a bus (25cents per ride) that brought us within 1 block of home. There were still over 11,400 steps recorded on my Pacer app.  All in all, another excellent day in Cuenca.

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