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San Pedro Ceremony #2 in Vilcabamba in September/October 2016

During our Vilcabamba trip, over a 5 day period in September/October 2016, I participated in three Kambô ceremonies and two 2 San Pedro ceremonies.

The 1st San Pedro ceremony blogpost can be seen here.

My San Pedro Ceremony #2 in Vilcabamba - October 1, 2016

We started the San Pedro ceremony on the second day with Steve offering a prayer. We drank the San Pedro, and I collected a mat and went down to the river to be quiet in nature and listen. Squiggles, Steve's dog joined me and periodically jumped over me, and frolicked all around - what a joy!

I had reviewed my intentions, and rewrote several of my requests in my notebook. Today my focus was on really listening and hearing Grandfather San Pedro today. I knew that I had received powerful messages yesterday, yet still questioned if I was truly listening to San Pedro or simply my wise self. In some ways it felt like I was negating the gifts of yesterday, but after hearing the others’ stirring renditions of their experiences, I questioned the validity and profoundness of my own experience. In my search for truth, will I be able to recognize truth when I finally hear it? In reviewing now, I do recognize the value of my first day’s experiences.

I also noticed recently, well after these ceremonies, that I have a fierce protective nature, or ego that wants to protect me, and it asserts itself as I’m getting “dangerously” close to a huge breakthrough. With Kambô, I received the same number of points on the 2nd and 3rd days, rather than increasing it more. With the San Pedro, I elected to drink the same amount as the day before, even though more was offered. I’ll make a note in the future to not do this behavior, but rather to trust in the unfolding as being exactly what is needed.

I knew that it was key to quiet my mind, and be open to the messages, especially while in the medicine. Apparently, according to our facilitator Steve, I could be almost asleep and still benefit hugely from the medicine, because I wouldn’t really be asleep, just in a very receptive state. And that would be a very good state to be in.

I lay down on my mat and took Steve’s direction to be very still, very quiet, and allow the San Pedro medicine to work without me thinking it through, without me analyzing and questioning, and simply allowing the feelings to flow freely, and to allow the medicine to work as it knew best to do.

Once again, within about 30-40 minutes, the medicine kicked in. I stayed quiet, mostly with my eyes closed, listening, but even more than that, being very still and allowing.

“Let go of everything you think you know. Because you don’t need it any more.” How true! It felt like all my past learnings had prepared me for this new time when I would move into a completely new arena of teaching and ideas.

“None of it is true – lies, lies, you’ve been fed a pack of lies.” This was a constant refrain yesterday, and looked to be so today. So many lies, diversions, untruths on many levels.

“You are NO THING.” Not “nothing”, but “NO THING.” Emphatically pronounced, not in a mean way, but in an attempt to show me what I truly was. “No thing.” Perhaps this message meant that I was not to be defined by any of my “roles” as daughter, sister, friend, wife, sales professional, and more, that that was all “no thing” and “no value” in terms of my true identity. Or perhaps it was that my ego was “no thing.” Either way, I tried not to puzzle over it too much, but allowed the message to flow into and through me. Later on, I realized that my childhood pattern had been to help out, to do do do, and that unless I did that I was “no thing”, not valued, not appreciated, and not worthy of love. Periodically I would open my eyes, survey the trees and sky, but then close my eyes again, and recommit to quiet and allowing the medicine to direct the healing.

“Your reality is all that matters.” Not the reality of the so-called world all around me, but my reality based on my thoughts, my creative energy, what I give attention to. And why give attention to past ailments and past emotional hurts? I can create a new reality in the present moment, by focusing my attention on what I am spontaneously being drawn to.

“Give it up.” Again, the direction to let go of all that I’ve known, as I’ve been fed a pack of lies, none of it is true. Let go. Give up preconceptions, old teachings, outdated ideas.

After awhile, probably about 2 hours or more, I sat up and looked around. I wasn’t experiencing the deep emotions of the previous day. I could tell that the medicine had kicked in some time ago, and I was sensing something with the previous messages, but nothing profound, nothing I could definitely identify as San Pedro, without question, at least not just yet.

I decided to review my list of questions and intentions with San Pedro. Even though much had been answered the previous day, in some esoteric form, I decided to persist and go through them one at a time, in hopes of getting more definitive answers.

First, I said, “Thank you for continuing to help me heal.” “You’re welcome. Buzzzzz.” Referring to my buzzing legs and arms that had been shaking uncontrollably yesterday, but weren’t today. Such a sense of humor – “Buzzzzz.”

Then I went through each of my health issues and asked, “What about…” and the response each time was, “Done!” To give you a sense of what that felt like and the energy around San Pedro’s answers to me, here’s some examples:

“What about this cough?” “Done! All piddly stuff! Done! You have bigger fish to fry!”

“What about loving myself – can you help me to remove any blocks so I can do this better?” “Done!”

“Do I need to forgive more?” “Done!”

“Do I need to reach out to some of the people I’ve been forgiving?” “Done! Don’t reach out! They’re fine! Done!”

“What do Michael and I do in our new lives in retirement mode, in Cuenca?” “Just love yourself and each other. That’s good. Done!”

“What about my energy levels? My new purpose in life?” “To love myself fully and live in the present! Done!”

“Today, my intention is to listen. Really hear you, San Pedro. Did I hear you yesterday?” “Yes, of course! You asked so you received. Done!”

“You’ve got bigger fish to fry! Focus on that! Be DONE with all the piddly stuff! It’s done! Taken care of!”

There was a sense of impatience as he answered each of my questions. I got the distinct sense that my life was more than mulling and stewing over various health issues and opening up old emotional scars. “Piddly stuff.” That I was to move on, love myself, and love Michael, and live in the present, rather than bringing past problems and reliving them, thus making them be my present experience. And that he was simply not going to address the various issues that I WANTED to discuss. Were these health concerns really healed and "done" - I really wanted answers to that, but I wasn't getting a sense that it was "done", more like he was "done" with talking with me about these issues for now.

I closed my eyes again and tried to get really still. And continued to listen. I felt reprimanded for having asked all those questions because of the curt replies, and really wanted to allow San Pedro to communicate with me in a newer, deeper way. And allow the healing he was providing for me, rather than orchestrate and force what I wanted.

“Let’s go within. You bend and fold it. Go within, deep, deep.” The invitation was to go on a journey, deep inside of me. I’ll call the process “fractaling” because it felt like we were going deeper and deeper within the same space, in a fractal space, where I started to move into an infinitesimally smaller and smaller space. Or perhaps you could say, “tesseracting” because it definitely felt like space and time were folding and bending over and over again. At the beginning, my vision with closed eyes saw a bright red field, in a paisley red-on-red pattern. Then, we were speeding along going deep within me, and at one point, San Pedro paused slightly as we were passing my heart to the left of me, and he put his hand around my heart very casually, and crushed it into fine gray dust. We moved on without a pause, with no time provided to absorb what had just happened, as he exclaimed emphatically, “You ARE heart!” in response to my developing shock at having my heart ever so casually crushed and my unspoken perennial questions on how to open my heart, how to heal my heart, and how to “have” a warmer more expansive heart. What a correction he had provided with his statement: “You ARE heart!” and he said this calmly in passing, emphatically, knowingly, and without room to question. “This is truth; now let’s move on” was the assumed attitude. Onward!

We kept “fractaling”, going deeper and deeper within me and were rapidly approaching a tiny pinpoint dot of bright light. As we drew even closer to the pinpoint of light, we were sucked through to the other side into an explosive starburst of brilliant light. I was surrounded by stars and it was beautiful being in velvety black skies with vibrant white clusters of stars all around, just like the inspiring and complex beauty of the Hubble telescope photos. I felt myself soaring, and frolicking in the space, darting to and fro, having a marvelous time. 

“You are a STAR.” What? But you said that I was “no thing.” I’m a star? Do you mean like a performing star, in front of audiences? Or a star in the skies? What do you mean by “star?” I asked for clarity. San Pedro’s response was emphatic once again.

“Literally! You ARE a STAR! This you must remember! You are not hu-mon (like human but pronounced differently), you are a star! You are not a star that has temporarily come into human form. YOU ARE A STAR! Literally. ”

“Remember the fairy child? That’s you. And you are in the stars, and you are a star, an estrella! (he sang that last word) Playful, joyful, dancing in the heavens, being a delight.” San Pedro was referencing a past life regression where I was a fairy child who lived in a world where everyone lived in the moment; there was no acknowledgement of the past, nor planning for the future, only living in the present. And the present moment was beautifully coordinated as everyone moved in perfect unison from one moment in time and space to the next. It was a freeing, beautiful example of how to flow with the present, not planning, not remembering, simply being always happy and joyful in each moment.

Wondering if I might locate me as a star, in the heavens, (OK, I was curious if as a star, whether I was somewhere that could be located in our universe.) I asked if I had a name. With some impatience and rather to the point, San Pedro bellowed,

“You are a STAR! Your name is JOY! Remember you are a STAR named JOY! You are JOY! Start living up to your name and BE joy!”

“You are a STAR! This you MUST remember!”

“You are not ‘hu-mon’, you are not here as a star in temporary ‘hu-mon’ form. You ARE a STAR! You are not ‘hu-mon.’”

“You are a STAR! This you must remember!”

“Every single day, be Joy! Salud! Cheers! Relish your 10 delights with joy! Spend time in nature, with the sun and clouds. Connect with Love! Joyfully!”

“You are a STAR! This you must remember!”

I was really getting the importance of remembering that I was a star!?! Literally that I was a star, out there, sparkling light, being joyful and playful in my darting in and out among other stars in the brilliant velvety black and sparkling light of the heavens. And that I was not human, “hu-mon.” There was something incredibly important in remembering my true nature, that I was a STAR!

Yet, I was not a “star” like the stars in our universe in this dimension. I was not a static set of nuclear star material that was set in the far reaches to simply shine in one place. Oh no, not that at all. Instead, I was a playful, joyful “star”, full of bright light, darting in and out, zooming around having fun, all around the other stars and bright lights. Oh boy, this is going to be one to meditate on!
The messages continued, and somehow I was getting direction on how to be while I returned to what I knew as my “human” condition even though I was not “hu-mon.”

“Be spontaneous! What is right, do it NOW. Only NOW is important!”

“You create your reality in every moment. That is ALL and is ALL.” Again, this was referencing the importance of my creating my reality, and that reality was my whole world, and not being concerned with the messed up so-called reality “out there.”

“Remember you are a STAR! Your name is JOY! Let it unfold every moment!”

I was ready to come up out of the sun and came up to the patio and talked briefly with Steve, as he was fixing our fruit salad for lunch. I was puzzled by the messages I was receiving about being a star, and being “no thing” and not being “hu-mon”? How could San Pedro mean that I was a star, literally? San Pedro was emphatic that I was not “hu-mon”, but wasn’t I here in human form? Didn’t I have a role to play while in this human form? Yet San Pedro was extremely emphatic that I only identify myself literally as a STAR, and NOT identify as “hu-mon.” So much for application to the human condition!

Steve offered to do some guided meditation with me, but I didn’t understand until later that evening what that would have entailed. All in good time, so trying to not have any regrets. During my next San Pedro ceremony with him, I will take him up on that offer!

I posted a query on Facebook shortly after returning home, and several people had some helpful insights.

From Brandon: “Twas a Jamaican sayin' you're not a "hue", mon! But radder den won cola, u de whole rainbow mon! Yah dig? Lol”

From Chris: “Probably impossible to translate experience from one star to another, so maybe best to not take it literally but just let it meld into the background?”

From Richard: “Lots of things happen during a ceremony. Some are real, some are brain farts. Problems occur, and religions are formed, when brain farts are taken as being real. Really, nothing other than pure and perfect love is real. All else is metaphorical or nonsense.”

From Ariel: “I had a really profound experience of being shown the inner workings of stars, it was also communicated to me that I was a star... interesting to hear it from someone else.”

From Xenia: “I heard this from a wise elder today, thought quite curious and insightful, maybe it might be off interest: These ROOT-WORDS are HUM & HUMAN which come from the Latin humus, meaning EARTH & GROUND and the Latin humanus which means MAN. It is interesting to follow the changes of idea here. It begins with HUMus, earth, then becomes HUMble, lowly; finally to HUMAN, Man. But we must never forget the origin of man; “Dust thou art and to dust thou must return."”

From Kathy: “We are ultimately all made of star that is pretty accurate. But we are classified as homo sapiens as a species (I believe). Good luck and keep us posted. Maybe check out some stuff on ancient aliens or Portal to Ascension.”

From Grant (his feedback was very in-depth): "You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself."—Alan Watts. And included this link and a longer version

“Hi Deborah, perhaps the message is that the 'real' you is *not only* human (or any other label you like), but the deep-down 'you' behind your human identity *is* the very power that set the universe in motion.”

“I had a similar-sounding ceremony involving "being a star" that I'll share on the hope it might be helpful to hear. In the trance stage of that ceremony, I played a game of hide-and-seek with a nebulous cloud of golden-white stars that had an awareness or intelligence to it. This star-cloud seemed to be an entity whose form appeared like the way a photograph of a starry nebula looks—a dense cluster of thousands of stars and beautiful gas clouds. I knew instantly this form was a *poetic* manifestation of the idea our species calls "God." The golden-white cloud of cosmic starlight informed me: "I am the essence behind all existence, but do not take my present form to be an absolutely true representation of who I am. I am beyond all form. I do not know what I am. I am everything."

“In my trance we played hide and seek in a labyrinth of mirrored pillars, the star-cloud hiding from me while I went looking for it up and down rows upon rows of gigantic mirrored columns, kind of like a fun-house but on the scale of an Egyptian temple! Whenever I would catch sight of the beautiful cosmos-cloud hiding behind a mirrored pillar, I rushed forward like a joyous child, as if to say "Haha! I found you!" And every time I found the star-cloud, a brilliant beam of light would shoot directly from it into my heart. The light filled me with an almost orgasmic ecstasy of oneness with that force. Next, I discovered that when I passed by the mirrored pillars and stopped to catch my own reflection, I would see that I was also a nebulous starry-cloud and God-like. When I realize this, the game was over and the pillars dissolved away. The God-like star-cloud said to me: "You understand now. I am you and you are me. It's a game of hide and seek We play. We forget that we are God-stuff, and then We wake up to it."

“This ceremony puzzled me for two months and I was afraid to speak of it, for the surest way to sound insane is to tell someone you think everyone might be God in disguise! ;) Then one day I Googled the terms, "universe game of hide and seek" and discovered the Zen philosopher, Alan Watts, and I was overjoyed to learn I was far from alone in having had this sudden realization, called Satori in Zen. I hope this provides another perspective to consider. Maybe you are the stars and everything in-between. Not only human, but something much grander and beyond description. That is the insight I was blessed to experience (feel) several times with Ayahuasca. It isn't something one can "know" intellectually but a mystical experience one *feels.*”

I SO appreciated all their feedback, and will continue to meditate on my true “STAR” identity, being “no thing” and “hu-mon.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
Note: Some months later, I'd been listening to David Wilcock - and came across something that really resonated with me regarding my identity as a "star."
Start at just before the 8 minute mark up until around the 13 minute mark.
This excerpt helped to explain the progression of my experience to me. I got triggered when he talking about informing unconditional love by adding wisdom, then guardian, then star. Previously, I'd had a San Pedro experience, where I had shared the importance of "just say no" and how important it was to reject what was wrong for you, even if you couldn't muster up the unconditional love in which to deliver the emphatic message. It makes sense that simply love without wisdom was not the path to take - combine the two! I'd also had a dream (was it a dream) decades ago where I found myself above the earth viewing the energetic gridwork, and being told that I was a "guardian." And of course, this "star" experience. 

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

A vibrant thunderstorm with bolts of lightening and magnificent thunder was developing. I stretched out quietly on the bed, next to Michael, having checked with him that doing so would not interfere with his process. I continued to be very quiet, to listen, to allow. And the thunderstorm roared on, with vivid aliveness and energy and vigor. I could feel the aliveness of San Pedro, as well as the tree spirits, the mountain spirits, and more flowing with the thunderstorm. What a beautiful meditation to witness the enhanced vibrancy of nature while in the medicine. I loved the communion, felt the love deeply and fully, and felt so alive and vibrant myself.

At one point, it felt like San Pedro was saying:

“Now ask me a question so I can answer.”

Seizing the opportunity, I asked, “How do we save the world?”

“You are your world. Save you. Imagine your ideal world. Love. That is all.”

And my follow-up question was, “What about others?”

“Teach them to love themselves gently, tenderly, compassionately and show them how it is done by example only. That’s how you do it.” Such simple, yet profound answers!

I continued during the next several hours, listening, witnessing the dynamics in nature and simply “being.” There were three trees that were swaying in the breeze that seemed to be talking to me, saying hello. The flowers, grass, and plants were imbued with such life! And the towering mountain slope was majestic and awe-inspiring. We live in such glorious beauty! How wonderful that the four of us had created this magnificent experience where we were taking the time to gently and fully appreciate such gorgeousness and the opportunity to commune with Grandfather San Pedro for two whole days! How smart, how right, how sublime and natural! How I wish the same experience for so many others who are searching for answers, for direction, for peace!

There was a point later in the afternoon when I felt the effects of the medicine were lifting, and while I was still trying to be still, listen, I was getting fidgety with wanting to move around and not stay still.

San Pedro communicated to me how important it was that I take the time to truly love myself, to drink and breathe in the Love, and to appreciate the beauty all around me everyday. These had been directives in my previous Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies too, and since then I had found it very challenging to simply sit, enjoy the beauty of nature, and quietly accept and allow myself to be nurtured by the Love all around.

To be “lazy” if you can call it that, to really fill myself with the luxury and necessity of the love and life of the sun, the sky, the trees, the rushing water in the nature, the beauty all around. To be quiet and appreciate it and simply drink it in.

To get softened up!

When you think of it, what’s so difficult about that? Yet, I had found it remarkably challenging to shift my old habits and rarely indulged in this natural love feast to the fullest. Apparently San Pedro feels it is essential and he told me:

“This is so important. You do your part. We do ours. No more ceremonies until you have completed 30 days of love. Don’t pass GO. No jail.”

(NOTE: A month later, I'm revising this as now I feel that this was NOT San Pedro talking but rather my ego talking, as the message wasn't delivered in the same way as other messages. There was a sternness and punishing quality to it. And I was coming off the medicine at this point, and after two days of ceremony, I was rather spent, and done my best. While it is good to have a consistent practice of meditation / appreciation, this is probably not the best message to further my ongoing progress. My protective self could tell that I was getting close breaking through, and the best way to avoid that would be to stop doing ceremonies. Even though this directive was said with a sense of humor, and it was important to take more time each day, the best thing to do would be to check in and see when I felt "called" to the next ceremony. See my next San Pedro ceremony post regarding my ongoing process.)

Once again, as our group gathered in the early evening, we were each “glitterfied” with shiny white glitter, and sparkled brightly, in more ways than one.

We enjoyed our dinner of delicious vegetarian soup. The four of us shared our experiences of the day and did the angel card readings again. Tonight I chose three cards.

My first card: Peace: “Peace comes from remembering that only love is real.” This is the same card as last night. Obviously, an important message. See the previous info on this.

My second card: Courage: “Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs. In this situation, you need to act upon your convictions, even if others disagree. I’m protecting you from harm, and guiding you to be a loving warrior of light. As you stand up for your beliefs, you’re a role model for others. This is an important form of spiritual teaching, in which your example gives others courage to also stand up for their own principles.”

“Working with Archangel Ariel: Ariel’s name means ‘Lioness of God,’ and she reflects these qualities, including bravery, courage, focus, and elegant movements. If you notice images of lions or lionesses, this signals that Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage.”

My third card: Chakra Cleansing: “Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.”

“Working with Archangel Metatron: Metatron uses sacred geometry shapes to clear and align the chakra energy centers in our bodies. Mentally ask Metatron to open your chakras, and he’ll gently send his “Metatron cube” (the shape pictured in the card illustration) through the crown chakra at the top of your head. The cube rotates downward, cleaning psychic toxins from your body and chakras. When your chakras are clear, you’ll feel more energized and have increased intuition.”

“Metatron’s aura is beautiful violet and sea foam-green stripes. The crystal aligned with Metatron’s energy is watermelon tourmaline.”

In reviewing this second night’s 3-card reading, it made a lot of sense. The first card, “Peace” was chosen the night before. Above all else, to live with myself in peace, “remembering that only love is real” is worthy to repeat. It’s a lovely reminder to love myself, and be at peace with my world, with love. The second card, “Courage” showed me that it was important to be public with my beliefs. I have been very selective in sharing Ayahuasca and San Pedro, even Kambô with others in the past, and will continue to be selective, AND will share more often how important I feel about my convictions. This will allow me to be a great example to help others to also stand in their truth, in their power, and to share more freely with others. This is essential if I wish to get more people to experience the powerful healings that come through Ayahuasca and San Pedro and other South American medicines. And I love the picture of the warrior woman! The third and last card, “Chakra Cleansing” encourages me to continue to cleanse physically, mentally and spiritually so I can be even more aligned with my purpose and goals with plenty of energy and enhance my ability to hear my intuition. I’m considering looking for a practitioner who does this. Spot on!

Here are my three cards for this night’s reading.

Steve closed the second-day ceremony, and we chatted more among ourselves, then retired for the evening. We left very early the next morning by taxi to Izhcayluma hosteria, where we enjoyed a lovely breakfast of granola, fruit salad, yogurt, and juice.

Our van ride back to Cuenca was very pleasant but bumpy! My Pacer app logged 11,442 steps for the day and we weren’t walking much! Some of us, including me, were experiencing a slight let-down after spending two days in blissful communion, and it was discomfiting at times when I realized that I was seeing the world through non-San-Pedro influenced eyes. While nature still looked beautiful, there was a special sparkle that had dimmed ever so slightly. Ah, to return to the “real” world! I get to remember that I AM a star. And to drink in that magnificent Love.

The fruit salad tasted so magnificent during our two-days of San Pedro ceremonies that we have enjoyed delicious concoctions of fresh Cuenca fruit many times at home since returning from Vilcabamba. We’ve discovered a no-sugar-added coconut-yogurt that is a delicious accompaniment. We’re not drinking coffee like we used to – perhaps only one cup in the morning on one or two days in the week.

And when we’ve cooked up dinner using standard ingredients that we’ve used many times over the years, sometimes we notice that the food doesn’t sit well with us. Our tastes are changing – it’s like San Pedro is saying to us, “Hey, that particular food is not right for you any more! Can you feel that? So don’t eat it any more, right?” Or is this a reminder from the Kambô frog?

I’m very grateful to have completed the three Kambô sessions, two San Pedro all-day ceremonies, and to have my loving husband who participated wholeheartedly with me, and benefited hugely himself, be open to sharing our ongoing insights and supporting each other in our transition back to our newly developing “retirement” life in Cuenca.

The two other friends who joined us for the San Pedro ceremonies continue to be in touch, and life is unfolding beautifully for them as well. I received much inspiration from our group sharing their experiences with San Pedro, and witnessing the beautiful and ongoing healing for each of them. For all of us, there is an increased sense of peace and contentment as life roars quietly or not so quietly around us. Since we all drew the “Clairvoyance” card on that first night, it will be fascinating to see how that plays out in the weeks and months to come.

I’m continuing to notice how my intuition speaks, and how the guidance and messages are all around me, even more so than ever before. I’m even taking time to drink and breathe in that precious Love, and am enjoying noticing and appreciating many delights daily with childlike joy and glee. One day, I was inspired to read a secret message from my angel, typically fluffy fun, and that day it was also quite spot-on. And my guardian angel also had a profound reminder for me.

I’ve moved away from the daily “creative” attention to the previous health issues, to the best of my ability, and keep refocusing my attention on loving myself, and the bigger picture. Especially I’m grateful that my persistent cough for the last four months has disappeared. I’m willing to be even more spontaneous, and find life unfolding daily in beautiful ways. I do realize much more than before exactly how I create my universe, my world, with the thoughts I entertain and give attention to.

I have noticed that I breathe even deeper now. What a lovely thing to appreciate when all of the sudden, shortly after we returned from Vilcabamba, one day I took a breath and noticed that my intake of breath went way past the level of previous fullness. Terrific! However, I discovered something about creating my reality when I woke up a few nights ago, and was being very grateful for being able to breathe normally in this high altitude climate, and even more fully and deeply than ever before. Within seconds, my breathing became labored! What had just happened? What had I done? It became obvious to me that I was holding in my creative thought the “problem” of the lack of breath as well as the “solution” of freely breathing while being grateful. So I manifested the problem once again, since that was where my primary focus was. I was being SO grateful for the solution of the “problem” that I was focusing and visualizing the problem again, and thus creating it. What a great insight! And the answer was to drop it! Drop the noticing of the past problem, drop the noticing of the solution, and simply move on. Even the gratitude was a trap into noticing and creating the past problem. Now, I’m not saying to NOT be grateful; I’m saying that I noticed how tricky it can be to be grateful and not recreate a sense of the previous issue. As San Pedro said, “You have bigger fish to fry.” I fell asleep very quickly, by refocusing my gratitude and simply letting the old issue stay in the past. What a great realization and clarification about how to create your reality! This is going to be FUN!

I’m looking forward to participating in more San Pedro ceremonies, to further my communication and understanding. Apparently San Pedro (also known as Huachuma), like St. Peter, holds the keys to heaven. I definitely tasted the sweet nectar of heaven, and the unconditional love and gentle yet firm guidance of San Pedro. And will enjoy spending additional full days in the future communing with my Grandfather San Pedro.

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