We're asleep and rather unconscious about so much about life. Here's my take on how to gently wake up, on purpose and with joy!

1. Relax about it - at least part of the time. Don't always be so focused on waking up. The intensity of constant pressure to wake up can be counterproductive. Some of the best discoveries happen in a daydream, or while relaxing, or on vacation.

2. Have a sense of humor about it.

3. Just Say No - Take action of correcting what we've already woken up to. I had a dream a while back, and at the end of remembering the dream, this message came through loud and clear, "You're complicit in agreeing to stay asleep when you agree to go along with the insanity". We are already awake in many ways, but still accepting placidly the insanity and not rejecting/correcting it at all - so are we ready to wake up to more, if we aren't going to take action there either? Example when I went along with the insanity of some price increases at work (3x, 4x, 5x from what they were a few months previous). Though I tried to work with management, I acquiesced and compromised and therefore was part of the problem. And as a good person, I was signalling to others that all was well in this job, when it wasn't.

4. Ask and pray for guidance. (I've received such guidance many times when I've asked! One time, I was frustrated with my job and going into work on the bus. I was praying/asking/pleading, "Please just give me a sign that this will all turn out OK, and I'll get past this." I got off the bus in the Seattle tunnel, and straight in front of me was an American Family insurance advertisement - a HUGE sign - literally - that said something to the effect - "Go after your dream. We'll protect you. The sign stayed up there for many months - a constant reminder. Apparently our angels DO have a (literal) sense of humor.)

5. Trust that I will hear the messages and "niggles" or nudges when they happen and will take proper action in the right space and time. Also, patience! Listen and pay attention to synchronicities, serendipities, dreams, and just stuff smack in front of you.

6. Question everything. And while questioning, look for the inconsistencies, the contradictions.

7. Bring to our lives a spirit of anticipation, love, unconditional love rather than fear or foreboding. This creates the right mental/emotional environment for us to question, notice and wake up further.

8. Ask myself, how would I be acting / thinking if I was truly awake, and then DO that! Or at least imagine it vividly.

9. Gratitude. Be grateful for how much I have already woken up.