Sunday, July 30, 2017

Letter to My Future Self

Well - I got inspired right away to write out a letter to my past self (say about 40 years ago). It was really quite a lot of fun, and gave me some good insights.


Hello there, my dear. You're 18 years old, and in the midst of embarking into your adult years. Let me bring your attention to a few things.

First, you have a powerful intuition and I encourage you to slow down, and listen to yourself more. There's a bunch of noise around you, and do take the time to get to the place where you can truly listen to yourself. You have been programmed to align with the not-so-wonderful values of overworking, overdoing, and not resting. You think that this will bring you love and approval - it will NOT since it's not based in higher truths. This programming is NOT YOU.

You've been fooled in many ways and please don't be afraid to see how and why you've been so manipulated. You already have so many inklings about this already - your spidey sense is really quite good here. So please do pay attention, and take the time to listen to yourself. It is vital that you take care of yourself - it is NOT counter-productive to rest, recuperate, and simply think and reflect and be QUIET.

When you find yourself reeling from overwhelm (you know the feeling that you're drowning and you start grasping for solutions any which way), STOP and REFLECT. There are messages in each of these situations - they will serve as a barometer for you to make better decisions. If you feel you're making a desperate and "Hail Mary" attempt to resolve a problem, STOP and really listen to yourself. You WILL be given the necessary insights to resolve it in a much better way.

There are consequences to each of your actions and decisions, and do realize that it might not be so easy to correct and retract from a decision you're making in haste. It might not be as easy as you wishfully think, to get back on the right track. So make your decisions and take action much more carefully. It's OK to go SLOW.

Feel free to SAY NO to that which does not serve you, no matter who you might displease. Your future will only be better - don't give in the numbing fear that you are sinking into an abyss and must acquiesce to others' impositions or influences and manipulations of you. Yes I know that's simply an undercurrent running way below your conscious awareness most of the time - but you are SO capable to tuning into that quiet but devious undercurrent and calling it for what it is! That's a LIE that you have to run your life by unconsciously reacting to those unnamed fears and unrecognized influences - have the confidence to upset the status quo. It WILL be alright. It's better to be on the right path and working harder (still with sufficient rest of course), than being on the wrong path and compromising what's best for you.

Question EVERYTHING - seriously, EVERYTHING. You've been fed a pack of lies and you've made much lemonade out of lemons. That doesn't mean that the lemonade is always the best response - sometimes, you just gotta STOP accepting all the lemons. There's another option other than just making lemonade again and again, in spite of the fact that your lemonade is quite tasty and appealing. You're doing a great job of questioning much, but do take it MUCH MUCH further - you will find that you will break through much quicker and easier to a truly satisfying life.

Fear - don't stuff it and negate it - it has POWERFUL messages for you. Please recognize when you're afraid, afraid of the future, afraid of not having love, afraid of being alone, afraid of disappointing your parents, friends and bosses, and FEEL that fear. Instead of feeling that you must as though all is well and trying to confidently put in place solutions that are only desperate attempts to assuage the fear, please sit with that fear, seek out people you can request guidance from (now this is NOT your parents, nor most people that you know. ASK and PRAY for guidance and see who shows up in your path - you'll know it when you see it - remember I have reminded you how powerful your intuition is - it truly is). Remember it's OK for life to be messy - get used to "not knowing", "not having to perform" and "not having to be perfect (whatever that means)."

Love your body, your physicality, your sexuality - you might be recoiling at that, but pause for a minute and realize that you already do in so many ways, and you tend to censor yourself because of the conditioning to which you've been subject. Think for a moment about the contradictions inherent in claiming your spirituality / your divinity and then squashing the natural expression of that in your physicality.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
Tell YOUR truth, especially to yourself.
Come from your heart, and truly honoring YOU.

Learn how to forgive others, and especially to forgive yourself. (More on this later but you can listen for direction on this and follow it - just be flexible and willing to give up the victim/martyr conditioning that really doesn't serve you. Once you realize how every situation is meant for your highest good, and you claim your ability to traverse the path with grace, you will be able to shake off any traumas, because you will be focused, not on the past, but on the present and unfolding future opportunities.)

And I'm sure you're noticing that I'm not giving you specific advice and that's intended. Because if you simply took the advice to not do this, and to do that, or take that job, or (you name it), you wouldn't have honed the necessary skills and innate talents on how/why/which decisions are best. And you're so capable of waking up and consciously claiming that which is already a powerful part of you.

You are so capable and so loved. Truly love yourself, and do what pleases you and aligns with your highest sense of good. I thank you for being on this wonderful path, and please do know that you have succeeded beyond all your imaginations, since I (your future self) am a great testament to your beautiful success.

All my love to you, my precious one,

Your Future Self

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